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Health & Wellness

Sports Performance

Audios for sleep, energy, the fear of flying, and numerous other products designed to increase your wellness and help make the changes you want to make.

Audios to build mental toughness, enhance you focus and concentration and reach peak performance.

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Hypnotic Music

Competitive Swimming

This music is designed for personal or professional use. The music used alone will  enhance relaxation and sleep. However, the music may also be used in professional recordings, as  background music to enhance your hypnotic sessions.

hypnosis for athletes

These Audios For Swimmers provides the athlete with a comprehensive program for improvement in the mental aspect of swimming. They will help you improve your preparation and achieve peak performance.

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Holiday Stress

These audios for soccer players provide tools to improve mental toughness and achieve peak performance. Improve concentration, focus, and metal preparation.

This audio provides tips for managing holiday stress, and a hypnosis session designed to help you create a mindset that will enable you to have the most peaceful, loving, and joyful holiday season ever!

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