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Do Your Swimmers Have A Difficult Time Producing Peak Performances At The Right Moment?

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No matter how good their training and technique may be, swimmers often fail to reach their goals because they have not had the mental training needed to help them handle pressure or other obstacles which may stand in their way.

Many elite swimmers including Ryan Murphy and Michael Phelps, both olympic gold medalists,  have used mental training, imagery, and self hypnosis to gain a competitive edge.

The Aim Gold Medal Mental Touhness Program provides swimmers with all of the tools they need to train the mental side of of their sport in order to achieve their full potential. The program includes audios, videos, and a complete training guide. Help your swimmer complete “The Athletic Triangle”.

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Resources Available In The AIM Gold Medal Mental Toughness Program

Aim Gold Medal Mental Toughness Success Guide For Swimmers

This edition is designed for swimmers who do not have their own mental toughness coach. The instuctional materials will assist the swimmer in individualizing and self directing the development of  gold medal mental toughness.

Self Hypnosis/Imagery MP3 Audios  –  21 Audios Available

Between Prelims and Finals – Create a Winning Attitude – Create a New Inner Coach (day and night time versions) – Gold Energy for Competitive Swimmers (day and night time versions) – Focus and Concentration – Handling Pressure (day and night time versions) – Practice to Win (day and night time versions) – Unlimited Confidence (day and night time versions) – Deep Muscle Relaxation – Enhance Your Sleep – The Cognitive Distortions of Competitive Swimmers – Changing the Cognitive Distortions of Competitive Swimmers – Visualization for Swimmers ( 4 versions available, Age Group, High School, College, and Professional.

20 Instructional Videos which teach the portable techniques used in the swimmers toolbox.

Bilateral Stimulation – Energy Audit – Future Pacing – Gold Box – Heart Hub – Layering – Laser Focus – Limit Remover – Mellow – Peripheral Vision – Power Poses – Reframing – Self Hypnosis Audios – SMS Affirmations – Spinning – STARS – Talking House – Trust Your Gut – Tuned In – Voice Shift

Purchase Options

Individual items are available for purchase on the Aim Store.

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The Aim Complete Audio Package contains all 21 audios for less than the price of 6 individual audios.

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The Complete Video Package contains all 20 instructional videos.  Learn all 20 techniques to build mental toughness.

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The Aim Gold Medal Mental Toughness Program Complete Package contains all Audios, Videos, and The Training Guide. Save over $60 when compared to purchasing the individual packages separately.

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Learn More About Joni Neidigh

Helping competitive swimmers enhance their mental toughness and improve their performances has been one of the greatest passions of my life. I have worked with athletes of all ages from age group swimmers to Olympians and professionals.

Translating how I help athletes into a self-directed book was challenging. However, this guide will help you create mental toughness and enhance your performance. While the guide is available as a standalone product, it is my belief that in order to obtain maximum benefit, you will need access to the training videos and self hypnosis audios. That is why I recommend the training package.

Even with the videos and audios, athletes sometimes need more guidance. I am available via FaceTime or Zoom for individualized sessions and consultations. If you have any questions, you can reach me through my website or at

If you have questions I’d love to talk you more. Please contact me at your convenience.

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