WEBINAR    March 2 28 2020

THE POWER OF THE MIND: Gaining Motivation and Momentum in Uncertain Times

9:00 AM   Joni Johnston Neidigh, LMHC CHt

Highlighting Your Identity Using Powerful Inner Coaching

10 AM   Mark Sewell

Accessing Resourcefulness When Resources Are Short

11 AM Adam Evans

Seeing Is Believing: Powerful Mental Drills and Visualizations To Sharpen Your Edge And Come Back Even Stronger

12 PM   Caryn Seaville-Bird

Mental Toughness Strategies For Handling The Uncontrollables

1 PM   Jeffery Richards

What You Focus On You Tend To Get: How to talk To Get More Of What You Want

2 PM   Dr. Mary Ann Musa

Alkalization: The Key To Improving Your Digestive Health

3 PM   Ron Soderstrom

The Breath Of Inspiration: How To Empower Your Emotions In Moments All Through The Power Of Breathing

4 PM   Jessica Crowley

Whats In The Body Is In The Mind: Maximizing Performance By Deactivating What Isn’t Serving You Well

5 PM   Celina German

Curating Identity: How Being A Historian Makes Me Swim Fast

6 PM   Faye Hartley Youmens

Managing Motivation In Changing Times