Joni and I have known each other for over 9 years and have been able to help many athletes achieve success from age-groupers to elite athletes. Joni is wonderful at working with athletes, parents, teams and coaches and her methods are not only easy to use but they are successful. Joni is an excellent motivator, therapist and hypnotist and I would recommend her to anyone to help with athletic focus, smoking cessation, weight loss and other issues. I hope you enjoy learning from Joni!
SERGIO LOPEZ-MIRO, Olympic Medalist, Olympic Coach
Anyone who knows Joni will know that she is one who is very dedicated, passionate and loving person who goes out of her way to help people. She is very professional and she fights for what she believes in. Joni will always be there to help regardless of who you are.
MAY SCHOOLING, Mother of Joseph Schooling, Gold Medalist in the 100 Butterfly at the 2016 Summer Olympics Finance Director at Mexim Singapore
With Joni’s personal experience with age group through elite swimmers her insight is unmatched With Joni’s contacts in the swim community she has learned valuable information from some of the best coaches in the world. She has the ability to use that knowledge to help any swimmer at any level.
MARK CORLEY, Head Coach, Loggerhead Aquatics
I met Joni 12 years ago through the sport of swimming. Her psychology background and her personal experiences as a swim mom, give her insight, compassion and knowledge to train the minds of swimmers in a confident, yet sensitive way.
KATY MURPHY, Mother of Ryan Murphy, Olympic Medalist Professor, UNF
Mental Training is just as important as physical training for all athletes. To improve your chances of your performance success you need to see Joni Neidigh to get the mental training to go along with your physical training.
JON SAKOVICH, Head Coach, THE BOLLES SCHOOL, Olympic Swimmer, Seven-time All-American representing the University of Florida
Joni Is fantastic to work with not only is she incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about what she does, but she truly cares about the people she works with. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for that edge in competition.
I have known Mrs. Neidigh since I was an age-group swimmer and I love the work that she does with athletes. The techniques she teaches as well as her self-hypnosis audios not only help athletes overcome their performance issues but they contribute to their overall confidence and success in life.
RYAN MURPHY, Three-time Olympic gold medalist and world-record holder in the men's 100-meter backstroke (long course).