“I had a really big track meet coming up and I was extremely nervous and doubting my abilities to perform, so I FaceTimed Joni a couple days before the meet. She knew right away that I was doubting myself, so she gave me some techniques to use over the next couple of days to prepare me by putting positive thoughts in my head. She also had me do relaxation listenings before I went to sleep every night so I was calm before the race. On the race day, I woke up confident in my abilities and relaxed. During the race, I felt as great as I ever had. I PR’d (Personal Record) by 17 seconds in the 3200m by running a 9:12. It was pretty remarkable because two weeks before, I ran a 9:29 in the 3200m. With the help of Joni by giving me the mental strength, I was able to achieve more than I thought was possible.”

It is always wonderful to see  how the use of mental rehearsal and portable techniques result in easy speed and personal records on race day. Thank you for sharing with us Nick!